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Not corruption? M’sians are not morons

Nazri Aziz, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said that RM40 million which was channeled to Sabah through Hong Kong was for Umno, not for the Chief Minister.

He said there was nothing wrong and the MACC will not conduct its investigation further, claiming that the money was not for personal use, therefore, does not constitute a bribe.

When Suaram, which is representing Malaysians as a plaintiff in the Scorpene case which has Najib Tun Razak’s name as one who demanded for US$1 billion from the French submarine manufacturer, DCNS, we are told that foreign funds came from George Soros.

We also learnt that the Malaysian AIDS Council has also received money from the same source, but no actions was taken against the organisation.

Foreign funds have been linked to individuals who have been alleged as trying to topple the government. In the case of Suaram, despite this being a court case in France now, the Malaysian government is going after Suaram.
What about Umno receiving the funds through a bank in Hong Kong? Is this not considered a foreign fund? Who is therefore behind the fund?

Why is the funding coming from overseas? Is there a hidden hand trying to use Umno to topple Umno? Could it even be a Jewish hand, perhaps?

Or what should we make of it? Someone in the country has been stuffing the nation’s money outside of the country and transferring it back when it is needed? In billions, if not millions?

Or, who could be the donor in this case? A corporate giant that has been given a contract, and in return is channeling the money to Umno from overseas?

Does not any of this constitute some form of corruption? I leave it for you to judge Nazri’s statement, and Najib’s actions against a civil society like Suaram. Come the next general election, you have to decide who to vote for.

I’m already fed-up with all the nonsense that our politicians can utter. They are nothing but morons, who think that Malaysians on the average are also morons. FMT-Stephen Ng


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