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A letter to Mr. Minister

To     :     The Minister of Consumerism and Domestic Trade,
The Minister of Foreign Investments,

From:     Lau Bing – Subang Jaya,

Dear Sir, your Honorable.


WHEN residents living near LYNAS PLANT in Gambang, Kuantan had developed breathing difficulties and related health problems including skin diseases and deformities, then those people (court judges and politicians working for the government) who had rejected all appeals from the Rakyat asking the Government to stop Lynas’ operation will
then be retired or transferred to work somewhere-else, let alone with a few passing away.

In this case, the government should take FULL responsibility as those who spoke or who had given the approvals, TOL and licence for Lynas to operate were all Government Officials/Representatives or, you may say,

Public Servants.

Of course, it’s a lame excuse for a court judge in Kuantan to make a statement like “It is too early to predict or make claims that Lynas plant operations is unsafe”.  You see these people know that they can
get away with it (for making such “childish statement) as their term of service will end before any untoward incidences occurring from Lynas rare earth operations – because it is widely known that such
health effects will take a few years to emerge.

Exactly, it will then be too late when there are people living in Gambang, Kuantan started to show signs from radiations.

You see when the time comes to find someone to take responsibility of the disasters and health hazards that had emerged, then, the new replacement court judges and politicians will not hesitate to give a
cold shoulder by saying that they have nothing doing with Lynas and that they were then not yet in office.

The fact is it will take some time to see people coming forward to claim the government for compensations for their sufferings, pains and for loss of income, etc.

So, why make these Malaysians scapegoats or their lives so miserable and worrisome?

Remember this adage, “Prevention is better than Cure”.

Indeed, something is seriously wrong for a small nation like Malaysia, to have a plant to process rare earth, knowingly that there will be toxic radiations in the Air and Residues (By-products).

Provided herewith is a picture showing how big is Australia, taking into account, when they have large dessert land to locate the Lynas plant itself in Australia – think about it why Malaysia?

This is a calling to the Government that there is still time that they can stop the plant from operation and have all the machineries dismantled to be taken back to Australia.




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