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PKNS: Noh Omar wrong on assets sale

Wak Kanto: Agriculture Minister Noh Omar has been and as always is talking crap. Why did he jump the gun and misinform the public about the sale of Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) properties to its wholly-owned subsidiary Private Real Estate Company (PREC) by the state government?

Selangor MB Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has a proven and unchallenged track record of good corporate governance and Noh should know this before he makes further comments.

For that matter, if Noh is worth his salt as an MP, he should be raising a fuss over the rationale for selling the 12,000 acres of oil palm plantation by Selangor Agricultural Development Corporation (PKPS) to PKNS and to the current opposition leader in Selangor, and ultimately to a Sarawak Foochow tycoon during the Umno-led government in 2006.

Otherwise, it is better for him to shut his mouth before getting the true facts.

Joker: As usual, the only way BN can dig up ‘scandals’ involving Pakatan Rakyat is through misinformation and spinning.

On the other hand, the only way BN can defend itself against issues raised by Pakatan is also through misinformation, spinning and white-washing.

Goat: Most BN politicians only tell 30 percent truth and 70 percent lies.

Anonymous #19098644: Noh, like his nincompoop deputy Chua Tee Yong, never once gets his facts right. Doesn’t he know the difference between a transfer to a subsidiary and a sale?

I agree though that Pakatan should divest PKNS’ dodgy investments. Indeed, Umno should buy them back like they offered to buy Penang’s Taman Manggis land.

After all, they have plenty of donors who have foreign cash from bank accounts overseas to donate to them.

And unlike other Malaysians, the cash contribution is not money laundering, nor subject to tax, nor is it deemed corruption because it is meant for Umno.

Disgusted: PKNS’ 25 percent stake in Genting Sanyen and 30 percent shares in Kesas were allotted during BN’s reign in Selangor.
It was not purchased during Pakatan’s tenure of Selangor. Therefore, Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin is talking nonsense and twisting the facts that Pakatan indirectly supports these ventures.

What do you suppose Pakatan should do when they are stuck with the shares now – give it back to BN for free? If the price is right, they may be willing to divest the shares to BN.

However, BN has also to return the million or so they stole from the state by transferring the funds collected under the state assemblyperson wives’ association to the federal government’s wives’ association Bakti when they lost the state government in 2008.

What happened to the funds collected from the rakyat of Selangor meant for the social and welfare use of the Selangor rakyat?

Not forgetting, the wives of the state assemblypersons under BN had gone for holidays and junkets using the funds, instead of the real purpose the funds were collected.

Scchin: Noh Omar is like the Cantonese saying ”say kai chang farn goi” or ‘the dead chicken still kicks up the lid’ – meaning to argue continuously even though they have been proven wrong.

Anonymous_3f4b: I agree with a Malaysiakini commentator that PKNS should just revamp its staff profile, restructure its operating mechanism, realign its corporate objectives, cut costs and most importantly, make it to be lean and efficacious to serve the public well using state funds, rather than being a low down deadwood government agency with no appeal as it is now.

Mushiro: Noh Omar is trying to gain cheap publicity when he declared that PKNS was selling off its assets.

He cannot find anything wrong with the Selangor government so he just makes a false accusation so that the MSM (mainstream media) will play the issue up. The problem is Umno supporters will believe him.

Orang Jauh: I have said it before and I will say it again. Noh Omar’s (and those like him) statement is targeted purely at the mak ciks and the pak ciks in Sekinchan, Hulu Yam and the rest, and never meant for the Internet readers.

Whilst it is good to publish the explanation in Malaysiakini, it is theUtusan Malaysia’s readers that PKNS has to reach out to.

Alfa: When they are desperate, they keep on harping on frivolous issues without checking the facts. Like in Penang, the BN leaders keep harping on a non-issue involving a tiny piece of land unsuitable for a reasonable housing scheme for the poor.

Meanwhile, the Pakatan government has identified bigger piece of land in Sungai Pinang on the island for public housing.

But in any case, public housing is the responsibility of the federal government. With the alternative media exposing the truth, we can see that BN lies and half-truths are disgusting.

Anonymous_3e21: It’s sad that people like Noh can become a minister. Welcome to Bolehland. – Malaysiakini
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