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‘SYABAS to blame for denying free water to apartments, condos’

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SELANGOR : Selangor water concessionaire SYABAS has been blamed for imposing unnecessary conditions on apartments and condominiums wishing to convert their current bulk metre-based water tariff to individual water supply accounts.

According to the chairman of the joint management board for Pangsapuri Bukit Kuda in Klang, Ahmad Ibrahim, as a result, many residents in Selangor could not enjoy the free water policy courtesy of the Selangor state government.

Ahmad cited SYABAS’s requirement that every owner in an apartment complex must give consent before it could consider metre conversion, adding that such a condition undermined the state government’s free water policy.

Apart from that, owners are also required to pay a deposit of RM130 to SYABAS, and agree to an undertaking to bear all future repair costs.

“These conditions are burdensome. SYABAS should appreciate that it is not easy to fulfil all the demands. There are many problems faced by residents and the JMBs,” said Ahmad.

He recalled how his application to convert water metres for his place had been rejected many times by SYABAS.

He added that the JMB committee under him had to fork out RM15,000 being payment to settle outstanding bill.

He said residents’ effort to obtain free water was made more difficult because the JMB had to track every unit owner to get approval.

“I have personally delivered notices to 450 units,” said Ahmad.

He said the JMB had to further spend some RM5,000 for metre repair works.

The final cost, said Ahmad, came to RM20,200.

“Had we engaged outside contractors, the cost would have doubled,” he added.

He said residents living in apartments and condominiums in the state should blame SYABAS instead of the state government if they were denied free water.

Since taking over in 2008, the Pakatan Rakyat state government has been providing free water to domestic users for the first 20 cubic metres.

However, in a suit spearheaded by Barisan Nasional leaders, several Shah Alam residents blamed the Selangor state government for failing to extend its free water policy.-harakahdaily


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